About me

28 years old Swedish mother of two living in Japan since 2011.

Things I like:

  • Japanese food. Especially natto, tempura and the variety of noodles
  • Eating out. One of the best things about Tokyo.
  • Festivals. I have been to Summer Sonic Festival in Japan and plan on going to Fuji Rock.
  • Playing the guitar. I often go with my husband to Cotton club in Tokyo for jazz concerts.
  • Traveling. Southeast asia for the win.
  • Languages. I speak Swedish, English, Japanese and a bit of French.
  • Going to the cinema alone. Very rare since kids happened 😉


My bucket list:

  • Fly a helicopter
  • Become a certified yoga instructor
  • Travel to all continents
  • Get my pictures published
  • Raise my daughters to be fantastic, empathic people
  • 5k followers to my blog ;);)