Since my husband didn’t take any summer vacation this year he was able to get a week of in late October. We had always talked about going to Hawaii together, and since he’s such a frequent flyer due to his work, he had accumulated enough miles to fly the whole family to Honolulu for ”free”! The flight from Tokyo took about 7 hours.

Honolulu seen from Diamond Head

Hawaii, together with Guam are very popular destinations for Japanese tourists, partly because of the relative proximity to Japan, but also because you can basically get by speaking only Japanese. My family had told me that I (being fluent in English) would have to be in charge of all the communication with the locals but we soon realized that most restaurants and other venues catered to Japanese tourists with Japanese menus and Japanese speaking staff.

When we first arrived we were thrilled with the nice weather and the fact that we were able to go to the beach in late October. We went to several nice beaches that an acquaintance had recommended. According to the locals it was unusually cold for being October, but that didn’t keep this Scandinavian viking™ off the beach.

Rocky beaches up north, sandy beaches on the east coast, fantastic snorkeling with exotic fish.. What more could you wish for? Selma was super excited about the beach and just wanted to hang around there all day, splashing and playing with her swim rings.

Even Iris seemed to enjoy the beach, it was the first time for her to dip her toes into the ocean.

Apart from snorkeling we also tried out some other beach activities such as kayak and paddle board, and also the well-known beach activity of hammock-sleeping.

It was my first trip to America, and I know that Hawaii might not be the most ”typical” American state, but I was still very excited to try out all the food. Acai and poke balls are famous and they were so delicious. As were the food truck scampi. I made the mistake to order mine ”extra hot” though. The menu said ”no refund” under extra hot-version and once I had a taste of them and my mouth basically exploded I realized why. 汗

The Island on which Honolulu is located is called Oahu and its nature was absolutely beautiful with mountains, beaches and palm trees. My husband’s parents were also with us on the trip and one day we decided to visit a Farmer’s market and then hike the Diamond Head crater which is famous for it’s stunning view over Honolulu.

On our last day my husband’s parents took the kids to the Honolulu Zoo, while we went horseback riding. We went to a place called Kualoa Ranch, which is were they filmed Jurassic Park and other films where beautiful and dramatic nature and scenery is needed. Some of the props from Jurassic Park were still there.

We had an amazing week in Hawaii and are still recovering from the 19 h jet lag. Hopefully we’ll be able to go again and perhaps visit som of the other islands like the vulcanic Hawaii or Maui once the kids are a bit older.




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