Madarao Jazz Festival

Every year in August my husband performs with his jazz-band at Madarao Jazz Festival. Madarao, which is located at the border of Niigata and Nagano prefecture, is mostly famous for its ski resorts,  the nature is however stunning in summer too 🙂

Arrived at the festival area, DH carrying his sax

Unfortunately, up until now we’ve had really bad luck with the weather and the rain has been pouring down every year, forcing me to seek shelter in other people’s tents as I never bring one myself (too optimistic) 🙂

This year though, except for some extreme fog at one point, we managed to stay dry! (yeay no rain!)

Before my husband went on stage we wandered around the festival area and bought some more or less suspicious snacks and drinks.

We also sat down to enjoy the other bands performing everything from jazz standards to their original songs.

Then it became time for my husband’s band to play! Most of the band members are in their mid 30’s (woop a chance for me to feel young), so a lot of them have toddlers and preschoolers who all came along to support their performing parents. Selma was cheering enthusiastically as her dad was playing his solos.

Selma and Iris were both very proud of their dad after the show and showed their appreciation respectively 😉

Tired after all the jazz

After a long day all the band members and their families went to this guest house that we rent every year and had a nice little BBQ with fireworks!


Iris was the newest baby and therefore very popular




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