Summer Fireworks


In Sweden, I used to associate fireworks with New Year’s eve. However, in Japan it’s more of a summer thing. Actually, ”hanabi taikai” (coming together to watch fireworks) is a huge deal, and a lot of couples dress up in traditional summer clothes called yukata, which are less formal than kimonos, and go watch the fireworks together.

This year the whole family plus my mother-in-law went together to see the fireworks in Higashiurawa in Saitama. Since it’s a bit outside of central Tokyo I didn’t expect there to be too many people, but it was literally packed. (Hey, in Japan it’s always packed) 😉

I had rented a yukata before, but this time I decided to splurge a bit and bought my first very own yukata. Since it can be a bit tricky to put it on yourself if you’re not used to it, I went to the store where I bought it to have them help me get dressed. The most difficult part I reckon, is putting on the Obi (belt) correctly. I also went to a salon to have my hair done. It’s always more fun to go out when you put some effort into it right? 😉

This is what we looked like in our yukatas ↓↓↓↓


Me and Iris admiring the fireworks

Another important part of life in general and hanabi in particular is FOOD.

The streets are full of stands selling traditional summer-festival food, such as takoyaki (octopus dumpling), yakisoba (fried noodles), kakigori (shaved and flavored ice) etc.

We had a really nice time but went home pretty early to avoid the crowded trains since we had our stroller with us and the trains tend to get really packed after events like this

On our way home ↓↓↓↓

People taking pictures of the fireworks ↓↓↓↓

Love all the summer festivities here in Japan! 🙂



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