Japan is kind of infamous for not having a lot of vacation. Something we do have though, are the so-called golden and silver weeks in May and September, respectively.

Golden week (GW) actually consists of four days, but if you’re lucky, you might be able to get mon-fri of, giving you a grand total of nine days (including the weekends) of!

This year my husband had vacation from Wednesday, and we went to our summer house as usual (trying to go anywhere else during GW is doomed since it’s crazy crowded). Our house is located in Yamanashi, close to mount Fuji.

Our little summer house-village with the mountains just around the corner



Another reason why GW is special to me, is because we celebrate our wedding anniversary this week. We have made a tradition out of going horseback riding every year for our anniversary, but sadly enough they were fully booked this year ;( To be honest, I think I’m a lot more into it than my husband though 😉

Instead we went to a local farm were Selma could pet the goats and do some pony-riding on her own for the very first time!



We also went to a vegan food-festival in the woods of Yamanashi. Mind you, there are extremely few vegetarians not to mention vegans in Japan so we were quite surprised! We bought a couple of vegan muffins that tasted heavenly. Apparently they were made out of rice flour.


The last day we went to our favorite soba restaurant in Yamanashi. We come here every year as well. Their tempura is to die for, made out of crisp local vegetables. Unfortunately I was so eager to eat that I forgot to take a picture of our food, but here are the sorroundings outside of the restaurant taken while waiting in line to get in. Pretty neat, huh?


Can’t wait to go back to Yamanashi and Karuizawa!

Inside our house ↓ ↓ ↓



Countryside life





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