Jazzy city dates

I’ve noticed that me and my husband often end up in the Tokyo-area when we go on dates. And by Tokyo I mean the station. (Tokyo’s central station is also called Tokyo)

Why? Some of the more experienced Japan-lovers might ask. The area around Tokyo station is not really known as a romantic area, but more as a financial district with a lot of sky scrapers. But if you take advantage of those sky scrapers you can actually find some really nice restaurants with a great view. For Aki’s birthday last year I brought him to this super fancy Thai-restaurant with an amazing view. And yes, apparently there are such things as upscale Thai-restaurants in Tokyo 😉

The handsome DH
Date-ready in Tokyo. Aki jokes that this is my ”politician-picture”

But first and foremost, we often go to the Tokyo-area because or absolute favorite jazz-club, The Cotton Club, is located there. Me and my husband have a mutual interest in jazz, which was what brought us together in the first place. At The Cotton Club, you can see more or less famous musicians from all over the world perform. (though jazz-musicians tend to be kind of un-famous to the uninitiated). The international atmosphere also gives you a nice little break from Japan-life 😉

Once upon a time, when me and Aki performed with our jazz-band.

Seeing live music always makes me want to perform again. We had concerts with our band Sagisaquartet until I was about seven months pregnant with Selma. After kids, it has turned out to be really hard to get the time to practice and have gigs though.

Aki on the other hand has kept his interest alive! This is him performing in Nagano last year at the Madarao jazz-festival.


Just wait though, sooner or later I’ll pick up the guitar again and you’ll see me on stage at FUJI ROCK. (at least I’m hoping to be part of the audience this year 😉 ) And yeah, I’m planning on having Selma play the drums, and Iris the bass so that we can have our own little Sagisaka-four in the future! 😉




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