Iris 2017-01-18

Iris was born January 18th at 03.35 am.
It was a quite dramatic birth since she was breech, which means she was delivered bottom first instead of the usual head first. Most breech babies end up in c-sections but I was determined not to have one, so after going through some counselling with an experienced doctor at my hospital, we decided to give it a shot. In the meantime, I tried all kinds of yoga-positions that are supposed to make baby turn before delivery, to my great disappointment without any results. On the other hand, my 9-months-pregnant self did get a lot of exercise 😉

My due date was January 23rd but I was lucky enough to be one of those moms who didn’t have to wait until due date (or even longer!). Labor started at 22 pm the 17th, we went to the hospital at 02.50 am the 18th and just 45 minutes later Iris came to the world. I just couldn’t believe how smooth everything went, in spite of her breech position.
I was so thankful to the doctor who helped me have a natural birth. She told me that out of the 7000 births a year they assist at the hospital, only about 10 are natural breech births. (which explains the VIP-treatment you get when having one ;))


Selma loved her little sister from the first moment she saw her. (She does get jealous though!) She had been going on and on about having a baby brother or sister for a year, so now she finally has someone to boss around. I find the spacing between them perfect for us; 3 years and 4 months on the day.

Even though Iris is not my first I had forgotten just how tiny newborns are!
The first weeks you don’t get any eye contact and they are totally spaced out.
Like this ↓↓↓↓


But still very cute

Iris is now a bit over two months and has grown so much. She almost doubled her weight and is starting to fill out. All the cute little outfits I bought are already too small for her which I’m having mixed feeling about. Having a three-year old as well you realize how short the lovely, snuggly baby-period is.

Something I’m having mixed feelings about as well is maternity leave. I’m lucky to get it and I’m grateful for being able to spend all this time with Iris, but I do tend to get a bit restless! If you’re not a big fan of coffee when going on maternity leave, you definitely will be at the end of it, considering the amount of time you spend in coffee shops with friends 😉

I’m hoping that Iris will grow up to be proud of her Swedish and Japanese heritage, speak both languages and eat both Japanese natto and Swedish surströmming 🙂

Iris’ name becomes いりす in Japanese and sounds a bit like ”irisu”. When speaking about a child (mostly girls) in Japan you often add the suffix -chan to their name (Iris-chan). The Japanese honorific suffix ”-san” is pretty well-known in the west as well. Chan is like a cute version of this. For all you linguistics-freaks out there,  I suppose you could say it’s a diminutive version of san!

Nostalgia 2.0 : My last belly-pic






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