A good friend of my husbands’ decided to quit his job as an architect in order to become a farmer in Nagano, a mountainous prefecture northwest of Tokyo. He now runs the farm Simeco in the beautiful city of Saku.


We decided to pay him a visit and it was really amazing what he had already been able to create in just a couple of months. He was growing all kinds of vegetables and fruit, making himself virtually self-sufficient. Japan has a problem with young people leaving the rural areas for Tokyo, which is taking its toll on local farms when there is no one to keep the business going. Our friend did the exact opposite, left the city for a quiet but hard-working life in the countryside.

He had inherited his house and a bit of land from his grandmother. I have to admit a felt a little bit jealous of his peaceful lifestyle. Quite the opposite of Tokyo…

We were lucky enough to get tons of peaches, zucchini, tomatoes etc. from him so we basically lived off of vegetables for one week after coming home.

We got to bring all of this home 🙂




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