Something I really like about Japan is the shichi-go-san-festival for children. Shichi-go-san literally means seven-five-three and thus is a festival, or should I say rite, celebrated each November for children of that age.
Girls are celebrated when they are 3 and 7, and boys at 3 and 5 (sometimes only at 5). It’s said that odd numbers like 3 5 7 are considered lucky in East Asian numerology.

Basically the 7-5-3-celebration these days has become divided into two  parts, one day when the child dresses up in traditional clothes to take a lot of cute pictures, and one day when you go to a Shinto shrine to participate in a 753-ceremony.

We had so much fun taking Selma to the studio for pictures 🙂 It was really special to see her all dressed up in her little kimono. It’s not easy for a three-year old to stay patient while getting dressed up, being put on a bit of makeup, and walking around in really uncomfortable japanese sandals that look a bit like wooden flip-flops and are called geta. (She stumbled a couple of times!)

The ceremony in the shrine was also very beautiful and I felt quite emotional when the priest called out all the names of the participating kids.


I’m three!






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